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Transaktionsanalytisk Samtalsterapi, Handledning och Utbildning

Ulf Hedqvist

As a Transactional Analyst I also work fluently in the english language. Therefore I also offers psychotherapy and coaching as well as supervision and workshops in Barcelona. I work in CEP Erik Berne Institute Carrer de Mallorca 339.

I have worked for 30 years as a therapist with mainly drug addiction work, depression, anxiety, neuropsychatric disability such as ADHD, ADD and other. I also have had talks more like coaching with helping people get on track with their life again. TA is a good theory to work from in these cases.

Welcome to contact me and let´s see if we can work together.

I also work with supervision in the areas of

- Drugaddiction work

- Social care

- Family care and Individual care

- Schools

I also have workshops and courses in Barcelona:

- A step by step workshop about how to work with Depression

- TA for leaders

- How to work with addiction with TA

You also have the posibility to come for 2 days with your company for so called "kick-off days" or staff days were we work together with a theme for 4 hours each day and also have social activities in Barcelona such as; Flamenconight, Tapasguide tour or Gauditour. You choose what activity you want and then I arrange it.

This is a summary of the information that I have in swedish on this homepage so please contact me by phone or e-mail here if you want to know more.


Workshop in Barcelona on " A TA Perpective on Addiction" and "How to work with Internet Addiction"

Time: Friday 24 May 11.00 - 18.00

Place: CEP Eric Berne Institute in Barcelona

Included in the price is a guided tour in the Barcelona Center 19.00-21.00. We end the day by going to dinner at a restaurant in the city center, Barri Gotic. 


Ulf and Mattias 

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